Sunday, July 29, 2007

SIXTEEN HOURS DOWN, FOUR TO GO...I finished my long continuing ed (CEU) course today that was worth 16 hours toward my 20 CEU's that have to be done in addition to my RN refresher course. I felt like I had really accomplished something when I printed up that certificate this afternoon! The nice thing was that I didn't fit the category of the slowest to finish taking the course either. The course was on the Psychosocial Needs of the Older Adult. They made the point that forgetfulness is a natural part of aging and is not necessarily a sign that you are or will be getting one of the dementia diseases. It is natural for your brain to process at a slower rate. I kept being afraid it would take me a really long time to get through this course, but it took about 11 hours. That was the next to fastest choice in the group they gave. What a relief! I do know that my attention span is not nearly as good as it once was. I have to back up and reread things that I didn't before. It is humbling to have limitations that were never there before, but a relief to know that they aren't worse. A few years ago I would never have believed I would be able to do this.

Now I am up later than I should be on a Saturday night so I had better get to bed soon...and to sleep. My next few weeks are not heavily booked. I'm trying to think of the people I need to have lunch with before I leave town...and meet with them so we are caught up with each other. Three weeks is a long time to be gone. Adieu for now.


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