Sunday, August 26, 2007

AND ONE MORE WORD...about my visit in Dallas. (I had numerous interruptions when I was writing my last blog that resulted in my blog being deleted and my having to start over again!) One thought train that got derailed in that process that I want to be sure to get back on track has to do with a special group of new friends I have made during this visit. They include a number of 30ish singles who include my hostess, they are mostly from the Veritas Sunday School class of Park Cities Presbyterian Church. They are a special group of mostly professional young men and women who love Christ. If your view of singles in this age group is a bunch of misfits, you have a very dated caricature in your mind. That does not describe this group at all! The women are lovely, the men are delightful. They are working with the children in their church on Sundays, helping during the week in a downtown mission, going on mission trips and generally ministering along with many others in their church for Christ and His kingdom. I have been very privileged to get to know some of them a little better on Sunday noons at lunch. My hat is off to these delightful men and women that I have met. I hope some of them can get together...if that would provide a good match! Meanwhile, I'm glad they have each other for some great friendships. Thank you again group for your friendliness and hospitality:)


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