Thursday, April 26, 2007

HEEERE'S WALKER ...our first grandson, third grandchild. He will be one on May 31! He is a little sweetheart. Now that he lives "only" eight hours away, we are able to see him a littlemore often than we are able to get to Seattle to see our granddaughters. He is a very sweet baby. He has a look that will be a real ladykiller when he is older. It is a cross between "Aw, shucks" and "Hi, how are ya'". Add some dimples and you have one very happy, mellow, sweet boy. He is also very verbal--in syllables, not noises. It will be very interesting to see the direction he goes, along with our granddaughters, with their lives.
Of course, our chief concern is that they love God. Everything after that is gravy. Walker is on the verge of living up to his name--walking:) Right now, he is able to get around so fast crawling, that he isn't anxious to slow down to walk. He has two little teeth now. (The photo was taken when he only had one.)


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